Ranking every Forces of Destiny episode (so far)

I’ve taken great pains to number in rank, reshuffle and then reorder again the eight episodes of Forces of Destiny delivered to us, at least thus far. Certain episodes coughAhsoka’scough undoubtedly shone brighter than the rest, but which came out on top and which were less than stellar?

First, join me in a hyperspace speed run through my feelings on this tricky matter. But when I’m done spouting off with my Padawan’s opinions like Anakin on one of his off days, be sure to jump in and share your thoughts on the best and the worst, and why.

8) Ewok Escape


A pilgrimage to Endor had great potential as a tribute to both Leia and Carrie Fisher’s legacy. But being too heavy on the cute (no insult to Wicket intended) resigned her first appearance in Forces of Destiny to filler.

7) Beasts of Echo Base


Sad as it is to give two of Leia’s appearances bottom billing on this list, Echo Base ended up being too under-utilised a setting. And once again, our princess was only so much sweetness and light.

6) Sands of Jakku

forces-of-destiny-sands-of-jakku-rey-bb-8Rey proves she can put up a flippy-dippy fight with the best of the Jedi in this one. Her instinctive bond with BB-8 warms the end of the episode, and first left us with a tentative sampler of poignancy that was yet to come.

5) BB-8 Bandits

forces of destiny bb-8 bandits
Again, as a whole-hearted advocate of Rey’s, I would have liked to put her a little higher on the list. Here, the high notes were more a reminder of her breakout impact in The Force Awakens, and the Nightwatcher worm loomed up to steal the show.

[Next up’s the top four you’re looking for. Move along. Move along.]


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