Forces of Destiny Episode VIII: Bounty of Trouble (Review)

forces of destiny bounty of trouble sabine leia

And, just like that, it was over. That is, until the Disney Channel deigns to drip-feed us more of the refreshing nectar that has been Forces of Destiny this past week. Not to be outshone despite her late arrival (alright, perhaps still a teensy bit by Ahsoka) Sabine gets to ‘splode-spatter yellow the Stormtroopers’ snowy white buckets as she carries out some covert ‘bounty hunting’ – a mission involving Leia and a data tape that’s in high demand by the Rebellion, imperative for the Empire to reclaim.

The first frame of this short leading on from where ‘The Stranger’ and Jyn Erso left, as though Leia could have brushed shoulders with her messenger of hope, the extra connecting thread of the hot tape is a perceptive passing of the baton between generations of Star Wars and its fans. With its thrilling chase, a team-up between Leia and Sabine builds a bridge across the years that can sometimes create a rift, proving we can do better together.

At last, to my relief, Leia was allowed to drop the Disney princess act, shout the odds to the enemy, as is her flair as a leader, while still displaying the tenderness of heart so beloved of her character. The one thing I’m disappointed not to have seen is a more active role for Lupita Nyong’o as Maz Kanata. Her voice has been the single most constant of the series, and yet we haven’t seen her as was nodded to in the sneak peek streamed from this year’s Star Wars Celebration. If the idea is for these characters to “hope we can fight together”, as Leia says in gratitude to Sabine, I want to see Maz as tangled in the struggle against darkness as she would be, if ever needed.

And surely, one of the prevailing morals of this series has been that all acts of goodness and all heroes, big or small, bear equal importance. Overall, this online gamut of Forces of Destiny has left me in high spirits for the saga’s future, and how it will continue to prove its dedication to this belief.

But how about you? Leave your feels, frustrations and fangasms in the comments. I need many, many more people to squeal with over this series, gosh darn it!


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