Forces of Destiny Episode VI: The Imposter Inside (Review)


Ahsoka is officially the best thing about this series. Her close friendship with Senator Padme Amidala, the same as her inspiration as a Jedi Commander, gave The Clone Wars its bright light of heart. They share a power much less to do with lightsaber grandstanding and more with the significance and force of emotional camaraderie, placed both in the TV show and here on an even keel with the warriorโ€™s sort. It’s great to see the two of them given room to relax and just be, at least for a few moments. As it happens, both powers come into play when one of those dinner parties Padme is always having to organise goes awry before the guests can arrive, get drunk and start arguing. Bet she was almost glad of the intrusion.

The intruder in question is yet another shapeshifter a la Attack of the Clones, except this time up to their assassinโ€™s tricks up close and personal. We all know Padme could handle herself in this situation, but it ups the excitement to have Ahsoka there to help out. Any excuse to see her bring out the sabers, am I right?

After the disappointment of the previous Leia episode, this should become the series’ prime example of teamwork. Neither of them miss a beat, just as it should be, and by the power of friendship (yes, really, never underestimate affection between like minds) the situation is dealt with and no damage done. If only the rest of Forces of Destiny would start to comprehend the equal capability of all of its characters to be fierce and fast with a gripping plan of action. As happy as I’ve been to see Ahsoka shine, my main hope for the future of these shorts is that they will bring every starring character up to her level.


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